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Downloading instructions

1.Click the Download Album button onscreen.
The Album will automatically start to download.
The Album will typically save to your browser's default "Downloads" folder on your computer. Some browsers may save the file to “My Music” on your computer.
The file will be named “”

2. Choose “save” if a browser window pops up and asks you to save or open.

3. Go to the “Downloads” folder on your computer.
You should see the file folder folder named “”.

4. Double click on the file folder folder named “” .
The eleven mp3 song files should automatically extract (open/decompress). If not, right click and choose “extract all files” from menu.

5 Double click on any song to play it.
You can now move each song to the preferred location on your computer (e.g. "Your Music" or "Music"), move them to your MP3 player device or burn a hard copy of the CD.

You can also add all the songs to media players such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. For iTunes, once you have downloaded and opened the song folder, launch the iTunes app and select “Add File to Library” from the menu. Browse to the “Downloads” or your “My Music” folder where you saved your download, find “doug_brewin_the_roads_that_ive_been_down” then select each track you want to add and confirm.

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