Hi --- Doug here... just wanted to say THANKS to everyone for your support and good wishes.

Your kind words, hand shakes, smiles and encouragement mean a lot. It's so nice to be surrounded by so many good friends and good-hearted people! The band and I are very grateful and blessed to be able to play country music for you. You make it possible and make it all worth it. Thanks.

Special thanks to Shirley.

Thanks to my sister Lynn and Wayne Lofland, my sister Laraine & Tony Sindoni & Kids, and my Dad, Art Brewin.

THANKS to the great crowd of fun friends who came out to Prospectors on Jan. 29th .!!! It was cool to see so many familiar faces.We had a blast!!!

Thanks Prospectors Mount Laurel, NJ -- Rich, Jack, Josh, Rich and Carrie in the Saloon and the entire hard working, friendly staff. You will always be home, sweet home for LNR. Thanks Bonnie at Pic-A-Lilli's , Tony At The Whiskey Cafe, Tom at The Country Palace, Bally's Wild, Wild West Casino.

Thanks to all the incredibly talented musicians that do such a fantastic job when they are playing with the Late Nite Rodeo band... Joe Dalton - guitar, Mike Carr - guitar, Dave Hurley - guitarist from After The Reign, Ed Wiley - guitar, John Kacmarcik - Bass, Mike Steve - drums, George Stott - drums, Jim 'Jazz ' Moore - drums, Bob Grado - pedal steel, Ben Lawson - pedal steel, John Swain- pedal steel, Craig Kulow - fiddle & mandolin

Big thanks to the LNR road crew, mechanic and stage techs : ) -- thanks Wayne for driving the LNR Band Bus -- you still da man

THANKS TO 92.5 WXTU : Scott Evans & Andie Summers , Leigh Richards, Kris Stevens, Cadillac Jack, Cintra, Joe, Anne, Erica, Bob and all the wonderful people at XTU. Your radio station and staff get so involved with the community, listeners, local bands and events... more than any other station I know.

Thanks to all the fine people at ARIA GUITARS & NHF Musical Merchandise. Dennis Kager at Central Jersey Electronics, Rose & Nick Simila, Mike Pancoast photographer, Dr. Thomas Eisman, Chiropractor in Clementon NJ ($15 per visit every visit.)

Thanks to... Jackie and George Lagakos, Cindy & Gene Curry (2003 K&Q of P's), Rose Principato (2002 Q of P's), Paul and Evelyn Sheridan (2004 K&Q of P's), Marlene and Dan Mertz, Carrie & Anthony, Jack McDonald, Pat & Tony Romeo, Doreen & Ralph, Sharon Diane, Pat Volpe, Elaine DiRocco, Tom and Roberta, Elaine and her Friends in Low Places, Will & Fatty, Wayne's crew with Sue, Cheryl, Billy, Dean, Joellen, Stephanie, Terry Miller, Ken & Scott Miller & Family, Woody, Gene Hammel, Tony, Buddy, Kathy Kelly (2 1/2) Belinda, "Goody" Linda, Sporty Kath, Linda, Heather, Lisa Graham, Danielle, Irene (Ursula), John Spedark , Rob Shute, Chris Gron, Cowgirl Darlene, John Walsh, Rich Wilkie, Veronica in Nashville.

Thanks to everyone at Legends and Ballys-- Gina, Jim Esher, Rose, Kristen, Eddie & Ed, Don, Pusan, Jim, Sam ... Arland, Vince, Jay, Rob, Lisa, Scott -- you ROCK... the dancers, the entire crew and the Legend performers. It's a pleasure & honor to work with you talented people.... and then there's Steve McCoy -- THAT %@$#@^%!!!

Thanks to DJ Mark, Joe White, DJ Jerry, Willy and the guys from the After the Reign band, Tom "Baz" Bazarella, LT and the guys from the band Bullzeye. Robyn Chrystyne, The Trump Boys.