Late Nite Rodeo

The story of LNR with some insights from Doug

Doug Brewin played in a pop music cover band called "Interlude" from the late '70s until 1995 when the group disbanded.

Doug: "We played mainly weddings but we weren't the average wedding band. And no, I've never seen the movie "The Wedding Singer."

In 2000, Doug decided to start playing live venues again. So, with the help of guitar player Joe Dalton, Doug put together the Country band "Late Nite Rodeo."

"I wanted to play Country Music rather than Pop Music. I met Joe Dalton through Aria Guitars. He was one of their star spokespersons, so I called Joe for some guidance and connections because I knew he played country. He's an incredible guitar player that plays 'chicken-pickin' solos and steel guitar sounding licks as well. I expected him to just give me a list of local country musicians' names but to my pleasant surprise, he wanted to be a part of the band."

The band's original players consisted of Joe Dalton on Guitar, Steve Schupsky on drums, Steve Burke on bass,  Jack Sammons on fiddle and Ben Lawson on Pedal Steel. Chris Cristino replaced Steve Burke on bass not long after the band started playing gigs at local venues, and Lynn Lofland (Doug's sister) was added on keyboards.
Doug: "My past musical experience was mainly with one musical group.
I quickly discovered the new LNR band would be different in two ways ~ First, I didn't think I'd be singing nearly every song.  I wasn't expecting to be the 'front man,' but at rehearsals, almost every lead vocal was passed over by others and given to me to sing. I was concerned, because I had never sung continuously for an entire night before. Second, I learned that these talented musicians were in demand and had other gigs and opportunities. So, it was almost like aligning the planets to have everyone in the band available for an LNR gig.

Doug started taking vocal lessons to build up vocal strength and
confidence. He also began substituting players as needed in order for
LNR to play more performances. The band expanded to include new players like Jimmy Heffernan and Jim Thompson on pedal steel, Craig Khulow and Gary Oleyar on fiddle, and Ernie Trionfo and Michael Carr on electric guitar.
Doug:"I realized I needed to be flexible when scheduling gigs. Fortunately there were some incredibly talented musicians in the area. When I needed to substitute a player, my goal was to feature that  performer's unique talents rather than try to get them to do what the 'missing' performer did on the last gig. It actually became an asset for the band because it gave us a freshness and more diversity when playing the same venue multiple times. Different players would bring with them their favorite country songs, diverse musical styles and their own unique energy."

In 2004, the band started recording original songs that Doug was writing. At the same time, Doug started working for the Las Vegas production "Legends in Concert" doing a tribute to Alan Jackson at various venues across the country. When Doug wasn't working for the tribute show, he and the band continued to work together, entertaining crowds at casinos, theaters, and large outdoor concert events.

Doug: "Although it was great to be busy performing, that made it tough for me to record and finish songs. I was on the road for months at a time working with Legends In Concert in Las Vegas, Branson, Myrtle Beach and Atlantic City."

Currently, the LNR band often performs with Doug's Production "MegaStars Of Country," doing shows that pay tribute to Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brooks & Dunn as well as many other Country Icons.

Doug: "The Roads That I've Been Down Album is comprised of all original music, but I think it still reflects the different styles of Country Music that we covered at our LNR gigs over the years; old country, traditional country, new country, and western swing. I also tried as much as possible to include as many of the different LNR musicians that have worked with the band, as well as some very talented special guests that we've met along the journey. For these reasons, I think the Album captures the essence of Late Nite Rodeo. I'm really proud of the top notch musicians that form LNR, and I look forward to many more shows in the future with them. It's a great pleasure to work with such talented friends."

Late Nite Rodeo:

(In alphabetical order)

Acoustic Guitar: Doug Brewin, Jo-Anne Brewin

Banjo: Jimmy Heffernan

Bass: Allen Roth, Chris Cristino, Matt Pulcinella

Dobro: Jimmy Heffernan

Drums: Bill Matlack, Steve Schupsky

Electric Guitar: Ernie Trionfo, Joe Dalton, Michael Carr

Fiddle: Craig Khulow, Gary Oleyar, Randy Cramer

Keyboards: Lynn Lofland

Mandolin: Craig Khulow, Doug Brewin, Gary Oleyar

Pedal Steel: Ben Lawson, Jimmy Heffernan, Jim Thompson